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So, basically, if I want to send the data from a NSTextField to my dictionary, I do this code:

[Dictionary setObject:[TextField stringValue] forKey:@"MyKey"];

I’m curious as to what I do with an NSTextView, however. I try this same method (stringValue), and it doesnt work.

The other thing I’m trying to do is write back from the NSMutableDictionary to a couple different objects… Once again, I do this for a TextField:

[TextField setStringValue:Dictionary objectAtIndex:[Table selectedRow objectForKey:@"MyKey"]];

I also want to be able to write back to the same NSTextView. The other thing I want to be able to do is check a boolean variable in the dictionary, and set a checkbox accordingly. Thanks for the help.


Um, you can only send those messages to instansiated objects, not the class itself…. Go read a Cocoa book!

No, I know. I just put those generic names in for the names of the objects. I changed it. Sorry. :LoganRockmore

Use string instead of stringValue. Remember to check superclasses when looking for useful methods. :) –JediKnil

yeah, i put in [Dictionary setObject:[TextView string] forKey:@”Notes”];, and that didnt work. It just created a blank string for the key. :LoganRockmore

use [Dictionary setObject:[NSString stringWithString:[TextView string]] forKey:@”Notes”];

and if you want to put a BOOL value instead the dictionary: [Dictionary setObject:[NSNumber numberWithBool:yourBoolValue] forKey:@”BOOL”];

Awesome, the stringWithString worked. One more thing… I have a date in my Dictionary, and I want to copy it to a TextField. The field has a Date Formatter on it already… I put it in the Dictionary like this: [dictionary setObject:[NSDate dateWithNaturalLanguageString:[dateTextField stringValue]] forKey:@”Date”]; How do I go about doing this? :LoganRockmore

Sorry about my previous advice, I really thought it would work. This time I’m sure, though: use objectValue instead of stringValue. The difference is whether or not to apply the formatter. –JediKnil.

Great! Everything works just peachy now. Thanks everyone for the help. :LoganRockmore

Excellent! Discussion retired.