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How do I get started with Cocoa? Please HelpMe!

HowToUseThisSite introduces you to the CocoaDev culture and offers tips for avoiding Wiki gaffes.

HowToAskQuestions discusses how to make your questions as specific as possible.

See CocoaIntroduction, and HowToProgramInOSX for lists of topics of interest to beginners.

There are links to many fine, online CocoaTutorials linked at CocoaDev.

Read BookCocoaProgMacOSX, probably the best book for beginners out there.

There are some DeveloperToolsDiscussions in the topic XCode on using Apple’s DeveloperTools

Keep in mind that LearningCocoa sends you along a bit of a learning curve, and that you may need several key pieces to come together in the right way in order to being to understand how each of them functions. Consider, before posting that you might have what is now known as a CommonProblem. We hope we can help you over the bumps!

PlanningMyFirstApp is an account of one or two budding developers’ adventures in application design.

Further discussion and suggestions for a GoodBeginnerTutorial can be found on that page