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There are many ways to use this site.

First, and most obvious, is to start at the main page (CocoaDev), use the jumping-off points, and just browse around. If you are a linear thinker, this is probably your preferred approach.

A second way, is to go to the search page (there’s a link in the navigation bar) and search for what you need info on and when you need it. If you find that information does not exist, you can create a page with the information that you know, and request assistance from others. The burden of entering complete information is not on you, it is on the group as a whole.

A third is to go directly to the CocoaGlossary and add anything you know about Cocoa which isn’t present.

A fourth way is to go directly to the RecentChanges page to see if any new material has appeared on the site since the last time you checked. This approach is popular with CocoaDev users who frequent the site on a daily basis.

There are other ways you can use this site.

Some CocoaDevUsers have kept logs or project diaries on their personal pages, spinning off other informational pages as they go.

Or, you can treat this website as your own personal reference. If you come across something, say in an email or buried in documentation, start up a new page and enter it in here. Chances are, it will be much easier to find by doing a keyword search on here than by digging through your docs or email archives.

When in doubt, add a page. Don’t worry too much about spelling, grammar, and so forth – other users will correct it for you if necessary. As long as you are more or less factually correct the most important thing in the world is: GET IT INTO A PAGE!

It doesn’t have to be interesting to everyone else. It doesn’t have to be relevant to a current discussion topic. The odds are that if you found something useful or interesting, then sooner or later, someone else will need that info.

Don’t worry about the possibility of creating a redundant page – although it can’t hurt to do a search first. But when in doubt, create the page! Remember many other people are reading this site, and the odds are that someone will merge relevant pages together if necessary. Nobody is the sole editor of this site.

The more complete this website is, the more likely it is to become a first-stop for all things related to Mac OS X programming.

Everyone is encouraged to spread the word and add new pages!

(see also: HowToCreateNewPages, HowToUseThisSite)