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Hi there,

I’m doing an application which opens two windows(nib based), Window A and Window B… Window B is opened from Window A, i.e. a button inside Window A! My question is now:

How do I get the parent window (Window A) from some function inside Window B, i.e. in Window B I want to display the title of Window A?


Well you could have them connected via IB or otherwise ie subclass NSWindow and use a custum show method that would take the calling window as a argument and store it like this:

#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>

@interface CustomWindow : NSWindow { NSWindow *callingWindow; } -(IBAction)showWindowAndStoreParent:(id)sender; @end

#import “CustomWindow.h”

@implementation CustomWindow

-(IBAction)showWindowAndStoreParent:(id)sender { [self makeKeyAndOrderFront:sender];

[callingWindow release];

callingWindow = [sender retain]; } @end

You could also ask the app’s window controller for an array of windows and look for it.

It is also possible that your program would benifit from the child/parent approach. Look into that first.


that should actually be [[sender window] retain], if the action is being called by a button. –boredzo