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I’m starting to get the jist of Obj-C, Cocoa, Xcode, and IB, and I’m doing a simple project that copies the text from one text field to another. It’s not really useful; it’s just for the learning expierience.

My current .m file:

#import “TextTransfer.h”

@implementation TextTransfer


It compiles and runs without any errors, but when I hit the buttom that performs the copying function, the dubugger says “-[NSTextField NSTextValue]: selector not recognized”

Can anybody help me?

Thanks! -JohnWells


This is, of course, a big fat RTFM, but a lot of people have trouble with it anyway. I think that’s because they forget about superclasses; NSTextField doesn’t have a stringValue method, but NSControl does. So when you’re happily R’ing TFM in the search for a method, don’t forget to read the superclass documentation too!

* As a tip, AppKiDo helps you RTFM much more efficiently. Great program. *

The Compiler should have emitted a warning aobut the bad method call. You should heed all warnings, and even go so far as check the ‘treat all warnings as errors’, especially in the beginning.

I’m very much new to all of this - how does one use NSControl in place of the sourceField in that code?


Any messages that can be sent to the a class’s super class can be sent to the class. Therefore any message that can be sent to NSControl can be sent to your text field. e.g. [sourceField stringValue]. Please read the manual on NSControl for the available features.

IIRC, it’s “string”, rather than “stringValue”, in NSTextView. If that’s correct, then there should also be an “attributedString” message in there somewhere related to NSTextView. Why use NSTextView? More options of course! Then, after typing this comment, I realized that you’re just using NSTextField. Oh, well. That’s stringValue. Not many other options.