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Describe GlobalVariable

Can someone tell me how global variable works in Project Builder v2.1 on MAC OS X10.2.8? I have declared a NSMutableArray as global variable in OS X10.3, and it works fine. But when I move to OS x10.2.8 and declare the global variable in the same way, it gives me a error saying “multiple definitions of symbol”. I am not sure what is going on, can someone help me out here? Thanks.

To declare a GlobalVariable, put this in the .h file:

extern YourTypeHere gGlobalVariable;

And in the .m file:

YourTypeHere gGlobalVariable = initial_value;

Now that you know how, please please please reconsider using one. GlobalVariables are almost never the right solution. Make a static global with accessor methods on a class somewhere, or something. Use of a GlobalVariable can make life very hard, very fast.

Global variables are often appropriate for items that you treat as constant. For example, Apple’s notification names are global variables.

Constant NSString declaration: header file

extern NSString* const TJHConstantString;

source file

NSString* const TJHConstantString = @”SomeString”;

TJHConstantString can not be reassigned without getting a compiler error.