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I wonder if somebody can help me implement an object oriented graph in Objective-C with shortest distance calculation. I’ve been using the example here (, but both my maths and python skills are atrocious! I’m trying to map a local railway and calculate the shortest route between any given station.



Cocoa Code:


Python Code:

def find_shortest_path(graph, start, end, path=[]): path += [start] if start == end: return path if start not in graph: return None shortest = None for node in graph[start]: if node not in path: newpath = find_shortest_path(graph, node, end, path) if newpath: if not shortest or len(newpath) < len(shortest): shortest = newpath return shortest

graph = {‘A’: [‘B’, ‘C’], ‘B’: [‘C’, ‘D’], ‘C’: [‘D’], ‘D’: [‘C’], ‘E’: [‘F’], ‘F’: [‘C’]}

find_shortest_path(graph, ‘A’, ‘D’)

I would recommend that you look at the boost library’s graph component: Not objective-C, but probably the best free implementation you’re going to come across. You can always bridge it via Obj-C++.

How dense is this graph? You could probably do it using a depth-first traversal.

The python code that you have actually solves a different problem. In your implementation, edges (what you call connection objects) have a weight. Thus, you need to use a Shortest Path Algorithm. The most straight forward algorithm to implement is Dijkstra’s Algorithm ( ). You will need to implement a priority queue in order to implement Dijkstra’s algorithm. You can probably find an Objective-C priority queue implementation, or you can use C++ routines ( make_heap() ).

P.S. If you are posting a homework problem to this site, shame on you. Otherwise, I could help you out a little more.

One of the solutions for solving a single instance of this problem (one routing) is the A* search.*_search_algorithm

For your first hack, depth-first if you think performance might not be a problem (will be fine if only local piece of railway)

For an illustration of real-time shortest distance solving, see ChemicalBurn at . The source code is available.