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#import <CoreGraphics/CoreGraphics.h>

#ifdef __cplusplus extern “C” { #endif

// make sure to CFRelease(objectref) or [(id)objectref autorelease] the result of all GS…Create* methods to prevent leaking memory

// events

enum { kGSEventTypeOneFingerDown = 1, kGSEventTypeAllFingersUp = 2, kGSEventTypeOneFingerUp = 5, /* A “gesture” is either one finger dragging or two fingers down. */ kGSEventTypeGesture = 6 } GSEventType;

/struct __GSEvent; typedef struct __GSEvent GSEvent;/

struct GSPathPoint { char unk0; char unk1; short int status; // 3 when the mouse is down, I think there is a flag for moved too. int unk2; float x; float y; };

typedef struct { int unk0; // like Delta Y - same value as fingerCount int unk1; int type; int subtype; float avgX; // sum of horizontal positions of all fingers / fingerCount ? float avgY; // sum of vertical positions of all fingers / fingerCount ? float x; float y; int timestamp1; int timestamp2; int unk4; int modifierFlags; int eventCount; // mouse&gesture event count incl. every gestureChanged int unk6; int mouseEvent; // 1-MouseDown 2-MouseDragged 5-something like MouseUp 6-MouseUp short int dx; short int fingerCount; // number of fingers touching the screen. int unk7; int unk8; char unk9; char numPoints; // number of points in the points array. Can be > than fingerCount after a MouseUp. short int unk10; struct GSPathPoint points[10]; // contains the info on every point. } GSEvent;

typedef GSEvent *GSEventRef;

int GSEventIsChordingHandEvent(GSEventRef ev); // 0-one finger down 1-two fingers down int GSEventGetClickCount(GSEventRef ev); // seems to be always 1 CGRect GSEventGetLocationInWindow(GSEventRef ev); // the rect will have width and height during a swipe event float GSEventGetDeltaX(GSEventRef ev); // number of fingers gesture started with float GSEventGetDeltaY(GSEventRef ev); // actual fingerCount CGPoint GSEventGetInnerMostPathPosition(GSEventRef ev); // position finger 1 ? CGPoint GSEventGetOuterMostPathPosition(GSEventRef ev); // position finger 2 ? unsigned int GSEventGetSubType(GSEventRef ev); // seems to be always 0 unsigned int GSEventGetType(GSEventRef ev); int GSEventDeviceOrientation(GSEventRef ev);

void GSEventSetBacklightFactor(int factor); void GSEventSetBacklightLevel(float level); // from 0.0 (off) to 1.0 (max)

// fonts

typedef enum { kGSFontTraitRegular = 0, kGSFontTraitItalic = 1, kGSFontTraitBold = 2, kGSFontTraitBoldItalic = (kGSFontTraitBold | kGSFontTraitItalic) } GSFontTrait;

struct __GSFont; typedef struct __GSFont *GSFontRef;

GSFontRef GSFontCreateWithName(char *name, GSFontTrait traits, float size); char *GSFontGetFamilyName(GSFontRef font); char *GSFontGetFullName(GSFontRef font); BOOL GSFontIsBold(GSFontRef font); BOOL GSFontIsFixedPitch(GSFontRef font); GSFontTrait GSFontGetTraits(GSFontRef font);

// colors

CGColorRef GSColorCreate(CGColorSpaceRef colorspace, const float components[]); CGColorRef GSColorCreateBlendedColorWithFraction(CGColorRef color, CGColorRef blendedColor, float fraction); CGColorRef GSColorCreateColorWithDeviceRGBA(float red, float green, float blue, float alpha); CGColorRef GSColorCreateWithDeviceWhite(float white, float alpha); CGColorRef GSColorCreateHighlightWithLevel(CGColorRef originalColor, float highlightLevel); CGColorRef GSColorCreateShadowWithLevel(CGColorRef originalColor, float shadowLevel);

float GSColorGetRedComponent(CGColorRef color); float GSColorGetGreenComponent(CGColorRef color); float GSColorGetBlueComponent(CGColorRef color); float GSColorGetAlphaComponent(CGColorRef color); const float *GSColorGetRGBAComponents(CGColorRef color);

// sets the color for the current context given by UICurrentContext() void GSColorSetColor(CGColorRef color); void GSColorSetSystemColor(CGColorRef color);

#ifdef __cplusplus } #endif


I mucked a bit with this trying to get event injection working (without success, so far) via -[UIApplication sendEvent:].

So here’s what I found under OS version 3.1.2:

/* device: unk0: bit 17 (0x00020000) on when touchesBegan/moved, off on ended bit 16 (0x00010000) unknown, maybe signals short tap? others (0x0000_0) constant 0 others (0x__FF) touch id, starting at 2 when less than 5 touches, starting at 1 when 5 touches others (0x____0F) marks something about how/where touch first occured? sim: unk0: bit 17 same as device bit 16 !bit16 0xFF__ apparently “source”, 0x43,0x42 mouse scroll (0x00 on begin/end), 0xBF mouseDown, 0xFF mouseDrag/up 0x__02 constant 0x02 constant */

struct GSTouchPoint { uint32_t unk0; // some flags? different on sim and device float unk1; // 0.0 (device) 1.0 (sim) float touchSize; // 1.0 (sim), touch size on device float x; float y; UIWindow* window; // window where event occured? };

typedef struct GSTouchPoint* GSTouchPointRef;

#define kGSEventTouchesBegan 1 #define kGSEventTouchesMoved 2 #define kGSEventTouchesEnded 6

@interface GSEvent : NSObject { // unsigned int isa; @public uint32_t type0; // 0x02010180 uint32_t type1; // 0x00000BB9 uint32_t r3; // 0x00000000 float avgX0; // window or view pos? float avgY0; float avgX1; // view or window pos? float avgY1; uint32_t processId; // contains PID(?) on touchBegan uint64_t timestamp; // contains some timesamp in ns UIWindow* window; // event window uint32_t r11; // 0x00000000 uint32_t type12; // 0x00000018 (device) 0x00007284 (sim) uint32_t gesture13; // 3C(0011 1100) = 1 finger, 54(0101 0100) = 2 fingers, 6C(0110 1100) = 3 fingers, 84(1000 0100) = 4 fingers, 9C(1001 1100) = 5 fingers, 24(0010 0100) = 6 fingers/cancel uint32_t gesture14; // gesture? 1 = touchBegan, 2 = touchMoved, 6 = touchEnded, 5 = additionalTap in move uint16_t numInitialTouches; // number of initial touches uint16_t numCurrentTouches; // number of current touches uint32_t r16; // 0x00000000 uint32_t r17; // 0x00000000 uint32_t r18; // 0x00000000 uint32_t r19; // 0x00000000 uint32_t r20; // 0x00000000 uint32_t r21; // 0x00000000 uint8_t r22_0; // 0x00 uint8_t numPoints; uint16_t r22_2; // 0x0000 // uint32_t r22; // uint32_t r23; struct GSTouchPoint points[10]; // contains the info on every point. }


typedef GSEvent* GSEventRef;

Note, that, in reality, GSEvent’s isa is NSCFType, but when creating one, using a proper Obj-C object seems easier, and for the purposes of accessing the values in an existing GSEvent is equivalent.