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I am trying to gracefully handle mounting a new volume inside a cocoa application. Eventually I want to mount a volume using ‘mount_smbfs’ or ‘mount_webdav’ whatever from inside the application but for now I’m just trying to handle manual mounts (Finder - Connect to Server)

I’ve successfully registered for the NSWorkspace’s notification center’s NSWorkspaceDidMountNotification. Things get called correctly. When the notification is received, as well as at ‘applicationDidFinishLaunching’, I call the code below to build a list of mounts. The key is that I want to know the filesystem type for each mount. When I call the code at ‘applicationDidFinishLaunching’ it works great: all fsType values are what I expect. BUT when it gets called by the notification all new mounts report a filesystemtype of ‘nfs’ regardless of what they really are. The path is also reported as simply ‘/Network’ not ‘/Volumes/xyz’

In addition the NSWorkspace’s getFileSystemInfoForPath reports null for both desc and type!!

How can I get the filesystem of a mount which has occurred after my application has launched????

Here’s the code I’m using: (this works fine at applicationDidFinishLaunching!)

NSWorkspace *lWS = [NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace];
NSArray *t = [NSArray arrayWithArray:[lWS mountedLocalVolumePaths]];
countV = [t count]-1;
for (i=0; i < countV; ++i) {
	statfs( t objectAtIndex:i] cString], &b);
	[volumesDictionary setObject:[[[NSString stringWithCString:b.f_fstypename] forKey:@"fsType"];
	[volumesDictionary setObject:[NSString stringWithCString:b.f_mntonname] forKey:@"fsMountOn"];
	[volumesDictionary setObject:[NSString stringWithCString:b.f_mntfromname] forKey:@"fsMountFrom"];
	[volumesArray addObject:volumesDictionary];
	NSLog(@"tObject = %@", t objectAtIndex:i] stringByStandardizingPath]);
	if ([lWS getFileSystemInfoForPath:[[t objectAtIndex:i] stringByStandardizingPath] isRemovable:&isRemove isWritable:&isWrite
			isUnmountable:&isUnmount description:&desc type:&fileSType]) {
		[[NSLog(@"Write = %d; Unmount = %d; Desc = %@;    fsType = %@",isWrite, isUnmount,desc, fileSType);			

Thanks for any thoughts! Steve

GettingNetworkVolumes and ListOfConnectediPods have some discussion that may be helpful