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I found the conventional way to add ‘Help’ to an application a bit difficult. Recently I did the following: in the .h file (of the windows controller, myDocument or whatever)

IBOutlet WebView *htmlView; IBOutlet NSPanel *htmlPanel;

connect myHelpMenu to the help menu item in the nib file as usual.

in the nib file add a panel with a WebView, connect them to the views above.

in the .m file add

Now produce a folder ‘myHelpMenu’ or whatever with as a root html file ‘Help.html’ Do not add this folder to the [[XCode project, but insert it in the finished application (control click the application, show package contents, add to the folder ‘resources’) For me, this did the trick. PaulCD —-

This could also be done by adding the help folder to the project and making sure it gets copied to the right place with ‘copy files’ build phase.

In my experience that does copy the files, but not the folders, ruining the hierarchy.

Depends on whether you add folders as groups (ruins the hierarchy) or folder references (preserves it). This is chosen with a set of radio buttons in the sheet that appears when you add it to your project.

Why not just override -showHelp: somewhere in the responder chain (i.e. the app delegate)?