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I am using the

[NSString drawAtPoint:withAttributes:]

method to draw some text to a custom NSView. I want to make the font size smaller, say maybe 9 pt, rather than the default 12.0 pt.

I cannot find any good documentation on this method that shows how to do it. I think I might have to use

[NSFont fontWithName:size:] , but really I’m not sure how to relate this to a dictionary - can’t find any info on how dictionaries come in to play with this method.

In Xcode, File->Open Quickly, type AppKit/NSAttributedString.h and read up. —- I took a look at that file,thank you for the pointer. I did not find it too helpful, however. I will keep looking.

How hard did you look for doco?

ADC Website -> Guides -> Cocoa -> Text and Fonts -> Attributed Strings Programming Guide