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Is there anyway to show and hide a specific tab that is part of an NSTabView?

One way you could do it would be to remove the NSTabViewItem from the NSTabView when you want to hide it, then reinsert it when you want to unhide it. If you do this, you’ll have to make sure the NSTabViewItem is retained by something besides the NSTabView so that it doesn’t go to the great bit bucket in the sky when it gets yanked out.

ie, let’s say you want to “hide” tab 3 from a tab view with 5 tabs.

NSTabView *aTabViewWith5Items; // already initialized, populated, etc. NSTabViewItem *holderForTabItem3; holderForTabItem3 = [[aTabViewWith5Items tabViewItemAtIndex:2] retain];//index starts at 0 [aTabViewWith5Items removeTabViewItem:holderForTabItem3]; // do whatever you want to do with tab hidden // …. // finish doing whatever you wanted to do with tab hidden [aTabViewWith5Items insertTabViewItem:holderForTabItem3 atIndex:2]; [holderForTabItem3 release];