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Strictly out of curiosity, does anyone know of any non-Apple high profile Cocoa apps, comparable to say, Photoshop for example? I’m not asking for a Carbon vs. Cocoa discussion or anything, I was just wondering whether any big companies have decided to go the Cocoa path.

Problem is that high profile apps are normallly 5-10 years old, and Cocoa (for OS X) is not.

Apple certainly uses Cocoa to create some it’s “high profile” apps like iPhoto, Safari, and Keynote. See AppleCocoaApps.

For others it’s just a matter of time. Existing apps have a huge pile of existing code and unless the plan is to rewrite from scratch there isn’t much reason to mix in Cocoa code. Why break what works? But if someone is writing something from scratch for the Mac then Cocoa is the obvious choice (again like Apple, new apps are Cocoa, old legacy code is still Carbon based).

There’s also OmniWeb and OmniGraffle.

StoneDesign ( has a suite of Cocoa applications. They really need to get more press.

Also DayLite: �Brent (who can’t find a way to do offsite links here)