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I make a custom sheet dialog with a NSProgressIndicator to wait until my App is connected to a MySQL server. But because the sheet is a modal window, I can’t do jobs for testing the connexion while the sheet runs. Can sombebody give me a starting point to implement this? Have I to use NSThread to accomplish this ? —- Solved : it was simple. Just add [progBarre setUsesThreadedAnimation:YES]; (where progBarre is the NSProgressIndicator animated progression bar)

/* progWindow is a NSWindow that contains the NSProgressIndicator, created in IB */ [NSApp beginSheet: progWindow modalForWindow: mainWindow modalDelegate: self didEndSelector: NULL contextInfo: nil]; [progBarre setUsesThreadedAnimation:YES]; [progBarre display]; [progBarre startAnimation: self];

/* MySQL server stuff */
[serveur initLogin: loginPrefs];
Err = [serveur erreursIntSQL];

/* close the sheet */
[progWindow orderOut: self];
[NSApp endSheet: progWindow];

Now the next step is to create a NSTimer that close the sheet after a time delay if the server do not respond. -keefaz