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Hi again! I have Xcode 2.4, and I noticed that it places a default About box in my program. The last line of this About box reads “� MyCompanyName, 2007”. How do I replace MyCompanyName with my company’s name (Ampersand Laboratories)? - Pietro Gagliardi,

Edit the InfoPlist.strings file in your Xcode project. This also allows you to localize the copyright string.

Thanks! The About box displays the right text. I was wondering, will editing NSHumanReadableCopyright be enough, or do I need to edit more to further mark my app as copyrighted or by my company? Also, is NSHumanReadableCopyright a localized string or is it set to a fixed language?

Depending on the country where you live, copyright may require specific attributions, or may be bestowed as soon as a work is created. Mac OS X doesn’t care–the only place it displays a copyright notice is in NSHumanReadableCopyright. As for localization, just localize InfoPlist.strings like you would for any other resource in your project.

Thanks. One more thing: How do I add the scrolling extra information box on some About boxes?

Add a Credits.rtf or Credits.html file to your Resources with the appropriate content, and it will find its way to your About box as if by magic.

Thanks - this is very helpful.