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Newbie question maybe and I am expecting an RTFM answer but:

How do I get an image to the right of a menu item?

A quick search on Google using “NSMenuItem” turned up this as the second link:

Searching that page for ‘image’ quickly turned up

I’ve never used setImage. Dunno if it’s as simple as calling it… but there you have it. And yes - Google is your friend. Use the Cocoa documentation, and if that doesn’t work, use google to search. I’ve solved more problems that way than most any other.


He wants the image to the right of the menu, in which case he needs to go to that link, then scroll up a bit and check out - (void)setAttributedTitle:(NSAttributedString *)string

Doh! Didn’t really pay attention to where they wanted it - or where setImage would put it. Thanks.