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Anyone know how the hell to use NSUncaughtExceptionHandler?? The two (highly rated) Cocoa books I have have zero mention of exceptions - it’s as if the exceptions don’t even exists! And apple’s documentation is pathetic on the subject.

Are there ANY clear examples ANYWHERE????

There’s really not much to explain: There’s the function NSGetUncaughtExceptionHandler(), which returns a pointer to the current uncaught exception handling function, and there’s NSSetUncaughtExceptionHandler(NSUncaughtExceptionHandler*), which accepts a pointer to an uncaught exception handler function. If you pass in a pointer to a function you wrote, then your function will get called when an exception doesn’t get caught. – Bo

PS I haven’t used these functions, but I remember that someone complained about these functions only working in secondary threads; in the main thread, the application installs it’s own exception handler which keeps it from ever falling through to the uncaught exception handler. Caveat emptor.

That’s probably why I’m getting no result out of it…. Thanks for the heads up.