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HowToAndWhyWithDocklings - Trying to make a good resource for developing docklings… unless anyone know of such a place already?

First up is me… How do I dynamically change the icon of a dockling? I know how to do it in an Application.

– Frode Danielsen

How exactly are you implementing your dockling? Ye olde dockling API of 10.0.x or NSDockExtra (if that even works, not sure).

– FinlayDobbie

I’ve only tried the old dockling API. Didn’t know of any NSDockExtra. Any hints/tips/pointers etc. are very welcome! :-)

Ok. After a lot of trial and error I figured a way of doing this. Thnx to someones EightBall dockling. Here’s the code needed, using the old Dockling API:

-Frode Danielsen

Developing docklings with the old API leaves you no way of loading it inside Project Builder to view debugging information etc. Still, there is a way to become a bit more enlighted when errors occur. Use the standard [[NSLog function for printing out info as your docklet runs, to view these log messages, open the in /Applications/Utilities/. Very handy indeed :-)

– Frode Danielsen

Has anybody had any success with putting pictures into dockling menus? I haven’t :(

It doesn’t work. Sorry :(

– KentSutherland