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Hello, I am writing an application, that needs to crash :) But every time it crashes, it suggest to send crash log to Apple :) How can I avoid this?

App that needs to crash, eh? Well, whatever floats your boat. :-)

If you mean that you’d like to stop all the annoying crash dialogs while you’re developing, see . That gives instructions for globally disabling the bug report dialog.

If you mean you’d like to avoid the dialog for users as well, take a look at the Adium source code. They have a scheme to grab bug reports for themselves and skip the Apple dialog. I believe it uses a child process that really runs the app and a master process that catches crashes in the child.


Why does it need to crash? What kind of crash does it need to do? You might be able to get away with registering a signal handler for whatever signal gets sent when you crash, and having it call exit().

Okay, so you’re writing a Windows app? ;-)

yeah yeah, that’s the ticket - it’s crashing because it needs to crash

Duuuuuuuude. That’s deep.