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Let’s say I want to bring to front – how would I do that?

If I use NSWorkSpace to launch it, it probably gets a re-activate event, which could cause opening of a new window and currently I have the problem that even though the application does activate, the windows are not brought to front.

You could always embed an applescript in your application using the NSAppleScript class. This is how I remove songs from iTunes in iSweep and it works fairly well. Given my preference, I would use an Objective-C framework or class api to connect to and manipulate iTunes, but I wasn’t able to find one, so I had to rely on AppleScript for this part of iSweep’s functioncality.

– DaveGiffin

You can get the app’s ProcessSerialNumber via NSWorkspace and then use Carbon ProcessManager calls to activate it.

AppleScript really is the easiest way here. Just execute it using NSAppleScript

tell application “Mail” to activate

Unfortunately AppleScript has a noticeable startup delay on “slower” machines. Try this on your machine (from

time osascript -e ‘current date’

So I’ve done the ProcessManager solution, which is (anApp being the dictionary I get from NSWorkSpace):

struct ProcessSerialNumber psn = { anApp objectForKey:@”[[NSApplicationProcessSerialNumberHigh”] unsignedLongValue], anApp objectForKey:@”[[NSApplicationProcessSerialNumberLow” ] unsignedLongValue], }; SetFrontProcess(&psn);