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Make sure you are running Interface Builder in which your project is open. Interface Builder is where you add all the user interface widgets to windows you create. There should be a blank window there already, waiting for you to put stuff on. In addition you might also see the “MainMenu.nib” window, the “Cocoa-“ window, perhaps the info window and also perhaps the diminutive menu window.

The “Cocoa-“ window has all the widgets you can use. The window changes its name depending on which set of widgets you are looking at. It can be called “Cocoa-Menus”, “Cocoa-Views”, “Cocoa-Others”, etc. depending on the set.

Click on the second button from the left on the toolbar to give the window the “Cocoa-Views” name. Now select the button that you want and drag it to the window. You can name it by double clicking and adding the name as text. You can change its attributes by opening up the info window (shift-apple-I) and playing around with the stuff there.

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