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You can create action methods using either Project Builder or Interface Builder.

The create an action method in Interface Builder you go to the MainMenu.nib window and go to the classes tab. Find the class that you want to add your action method to. Highlight the class. Open the info panel (shift-apple-I). Choose the action tab. Click the “add” button. Highlight the newly created action method and rename it whatever you like.

To create an action method in Project Builder you must change the implementation file and the interface file for the class.

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* OK, but how do you create a target/selector outlet pair in another custom class so that you can connect it to your action method? –DavidPBaker *

* Because there is a synonymous HowToMakeAnActionMethod page, I think this page should be eliminated and have its information merged with what’s there. Does that seem like a good idea or is there good reason for the two pages? – BrianMoore *