Edit AllPages

[New] To create a NewPage on this site, simply edit an existing page, and type WordsJammedTogether where you want to create a new link. (Any words will do, as long as there are at least two, and they begin with capital letters. The words will become the title of the new page.)

When you save and reload the page, the jammed-together words will have a question mark [?] next to them. Click the question mark to edit the initial content for the new page.

Once the initial content has been created, the question mark will disappear, and the WordsJammedTogether will now serve as a link to that page, throughout the entire web site!

Alternatively, you can use the ‘New’ link at the top of every page.

Finally, some pages have a field on them to create NewPages from; type in the desired name of the new page there and hit return. CocoaDevUsers is one such page, CocoaDiscussions another. This field can be created on any page you think appropriate with the tag [New].