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I need help on how to encode NSImages so I can store them in a NSMutableArray.

Look at the docs for NSCoding and NSArchiver. Most simply, you could do

NSData *myData = [NSArchiver archivedDataWithRootObject: myImage] 

and add myData to your array.

To unarchive the NSImage do NSImage *myImage = [NSUnarchiver unarchiveObjectWithData: myData]

Um, pardon my density, but what precisely is keeping you from just adding the images to the array, i.e. [theArray addObject:theImage]; ? Arrays can hold NSImage objects (and indeed any ObjC object) just fine. – Bo

Perhaps he wants to write the array out as a plist. NSImage is not a plist object, so the encoding is necessary for that.

Ah. That makes sense. I suppose, in that case, I should point out that you should call [theImage setsDataRetained:YES]; before you archive it or it’ll quite likely just encode the file name, and that -TIFFRepresentation and -TIFFRepresentationUsingCompression:factor: (and the -initWithData: method to reconstitute) are also available to convert it to an NSData object. – Bo