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Hey Does anyone know how to get a Window above the screen saver window? I can put Apps at the same level, but not above. I have a warning window I want to appear and will then fade away. I have tried just adding + 1 to the screen saver level when adding the window but no success. I have also tried subtracting 1 :). Also, does anyone know how to ensure my App/Window does not fly away with Expose? Instead it remains… Like the dock does?.

The answer to the Expose problem is on the page DontExposeMe.

“Thanks for the Expose Answer. Does anyone have any ideas on the screen saver one. I mean how does the login screen get trigger if your screen saver is password protected. It needs to be at a higher level”

I guess a better question then if I am at the screen saver level is how do I get mouse movement to trigger my application?

I’d like to know if there’s a way to make a screen saver that can accept kbd/mouse events without exiting screensaver mode.