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In Interface Builder, select the window you want to metalize. Choose “Show Info” by typing shift-apple-I or going to the “Tools” menu and choosing “Show Info”. Then choose “Attributes” in the pull down menu, go to the “Options” area and click “Textured Window” checkbox. If it is checked, the window becomes metalicised, if not, it has the white pinstripe look.

Please do not refer to this appearance as “metallooking” or, worse, “metalicised.” The correct term is “textured.”

OTOH, 99% of MacOSX users will understand “metalicised”. Only people who already know how to do it will know it’s actually called “textured”. And, frankly, “textured” means zip, since the white pinstripe is a texture too.

Except, of course, for the fact that textured windows are not metallic in any way… and “metalicised” is not a word. Also, Aqua pinstripes are not a texture. They’re a pattern. See the difference?

Or ‘brushed metal’, which is the name I always hear –AllanOdgaard

This reminds me of the time an Apple evangelist came by the local user group. The Mac Plus had just come out and one of its big new features was support for SCSI drives. Anyway, someone asked him a question about the new ‘Scuzzy’ drive support, and he tut-tutted (I’m paraphrasing here), “We’d prefer that they be called ‘Sexy’ drives.” – Bo

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