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When you right-click on a word in NSTextView the word is immediately highlighted and then contextual menu appears. I need to get the highlighted word before menu appears, so depending on this word I can insert a menu item into contextual menu. There should be some way to do it, but I can’t find any. Any help?

Override menuForEvent:?

If I override menuForEvent: and return my menu then the word isn’t higlighted. It happens somewhere in NSTextView’s own menuForEvent:. Is there any way to get a word under the cursor?

If it happens in NSTextView’s own menuForEvent:, then wouldn’t everything work properly if you just call [super menuForEvent:theEvent] before running your own code?

Yes, but I don’t see how can I read the word that was highlighted after control-click. When I call [super menuForEvent:theEvent] then on control-click the word is highlighted and menu appears. What I need is to get the word into a variable just after it was highlighted, but before menu appears.

So this doesn’t work?

Thank you. It works. But when I just called [super menuForEvent:] without returning any menu, default menu still popped up, so I thought this way it won’t work. Excuse me. It was stupid.

*Shouldn’t the menu be caught from super? NSMenu * menu = [super menuForEvent:event]; …? *

That would depend on whether you want to simply add to the default menu, or whether you want a completely custom menu.