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Hey, All–

My first day using Cocoa. (Please be gentle)

I have just started a new project and placed an image well into my main window. Now I want to insert the image, a tiff file, into the well, but I can’t figure out how to do it. Every place I drag the graphic IB says,

Images can only be dropped on Nibs included in an open Project. Open an appropriate project and try again.

Whatever I’m doing is really obvious right?

Ok. :) Jeffrey

When you say started a new project, do you mean a new nib? Because if that is the case, you have to save the nib to an existing target within a project first.

Urm…Ok. I’m already confused. Is there a getting started guide somehwere? Obviously I’m missing something. What I did was go to File–>New–>Cocoa–>Application – was there more?

Yes there are a bunch of great web resources for Cocoa.

I personally would read every article from this link

Here’s some more useful links: