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There was a long thread on the cocoa list on how to “fix” NSDocument’s untitled document name, which it returns (in English) as “Untitled”. Now, the HIG say the first letter should be uncapitalized. One person (m) suggested some code to fix the problem in a subclass, and special cased German:

Now, this seems more complicated than it needs to be. From what I have heard, its only the first character that seems to be the problem (at least in Western languages). So, it seems to me that if we just lowercase the first letter, that we’re in better shape - and we can handle German too (“ohne Title”).

Thus, I believe the above code does in fact “fix” the problem for most countries, if not all:

This is a question that comes up from time to time, and it would be good if we could just close it out and be done with it.