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I have seen in some NIBS lately from apple that buttons are now sliced up in three images. left middle and right side of a button. It seems that in the code they are assebled .

Does anyone know how to do this? This would save a lot in Size for the NIB content.

Make your own button class, have it draw the images.

Why would including images you wouldn’t have to otherwise reduce the nib’s size?

First of all thanks I will look in to the class design., and what I meant was that having less graphics would reduce the application size.

but if you supplied your own button graphics, instead of using the ones from the framework, it would increase the size. or am i missing something here?

Well yes, adding own button graphics will increase, but if you dont have to add more than one set per button styl/state it’s a lot less than 2 x actual button with face…

Using NSSegmentedControl might be easier, just saying :)