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I’m wondering what Interface Builder items iTunes uses to create the Source and Now Playing sections of the app.

They are probably custom carbon views since iTunes is Carbon.

Thanks. If it is indeed custom carbon, then I may have found an “approximation”. Drag a NSTableView onto a brushed metal window, and deselect all of the Display option. This does leave out the Source or Now Playing header, but you could always do that with an image, I guess.

The iTunes features such as gradient-effect (“source” style) tables are discussed in great detail elsewhere. Textured windows (metal) are discussed also on many pages. The fact that iTunes is Carbon is mentioned elsewhere. A topic title such as the above begs to be linked to the best of the iTunes styling discussions.

I think the more ways of saying the same thing (that all reference the One True Page on the topic), the better. I say, don’t delete, just redirect. It’s more likely to stand out in a search this way, which curbs the ‘make a new page every time we don’t search’ just a bit.

heh, wise advice

Actually, I am getting a small urge to develop a topic related to various “effects”, given the recent attention paid in VisualEffectsInCocoaApps - I will look around and see if something this general is already under way…