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I think this has come up before, and the answers are generally something like use CVS, use symbolic links, use hard links, add the files to Xcode but uncheck “Copy” etc.

This I think is generally too much work. E.g. when I want to use printf all I do is #include .

Now I have a lot of sources in my own “shared source directory”, and I want to be able to enable and disable them just as easily as with standard library functions.

So far I have made the include dir in my build directory a symbolic link to this repository of shared sources. This means that all the header-only based things can be used just like standard functions (macros, templates, inline functions etc.).

But those which have a source counterpart do not work.

Xcode has project templates for BSD, Carbon, and Cocoa static libraries. Static libraries don’t need to be shipped with your product (as I am sure you know) and can be the subject of dead code elimination optimizations. I would recommend two separate libraries, one for your straight C++ and the other for your Objective-C++ code. So you don’t run into the problem of having to link in obj-c support (probably in a debug build where I don’t think dead code elimination is performed) if it’s not needed. Of course, one of your libraries can reference the other if need be.