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I’m creating an application in which the user can select portions of a view. The selection is stored as an NSBezierPath and is indicated to the user using [path stroke]; My problem comes when I add to the selection: by holding the shift key, the user can define a new selection to add to the existing selection. I combine the two using:

[path appendBezierPath:path2];

The problem with this is that when I stroke the new selection, both paths get stroked completely. The desired behavior is to draw an outline of only the merged paths, not of each path individually. Is there a way to do this?

Thanks, MattBall

What you’re thinking of is doing a union of two paths, which isn’t available as a simple method on NSBezierPath and I’m not sure about anything in CoreImage. You’ll most likely have to do the union yourself, calculating if and where the two paths intersect.

There is no easy way to do this within the Cocoa API at present. There should be, in my opinion. I just added a section at AppKitMostWanted so maybe you could add your vote here, for what it’s worth. There are actually a number of things Quartz cannot do that were trivial with QuickDraw regions. See also NSBezierPathcombinatorics.