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My program has a main controller, a NSWindowController and a NSView. The main controller task is to calculate and create an array of NSPoint so it can be drawn on the NSView. After the array is created, the main controller create a NSWindowController and hopefully display the array on the NSView

I managed to pass the array to the window controller; how do I pass it to the NSView so the array can be drawn? I tried to make a method that passes the array from the NSWindowController to the NSVew but after the initialization the array somehow is not copied.

// theView is revert to the DocumentViewer // DocumentViewer is the subclass of NSView // anArrayObject is the NSArray to pass to the NSView

theView = [[DocumentViewer alloc] initWithObjectArray:anArrayObject];

Advice From Respondent: DON’T DO THIS!!!! Use only the instance of NSView that you create in your nib file!!! —-

here is the init code for the DocumentViewer class

// Document Viewer.m

#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>

@interface DocumentViewer : NSView { NSArray *arrayObject3D; }


// ====================================================

// Document Viewer.h

Thanks for the Help - JuliusJuarsa

It appears that you are creating an instance of your NSView subclass programmatically inside your controller. I think you would be better off as a beginner to use InterfaceBuilder to make the instance of your view subclass, and use an accessor method to set the array object when you are ready to draw the points in it. You have not stated whether there is a view instance in your nib file, but I am guessing that there is, and therefore the instance you create programmatically in the above code is not the same instance. If this is the case, you can check by using NSLog to report the address of the NSView object which creates the array instance, and again in the drawRect: method, to see if they are one and the same. If you have connected an outlet from your window controller to the view in IB, it will not suffice for the one you create programmatically. This may be why your code fails to produce anything. You need to figure out the address of the NSView object that is creating the array, and the address of the NSView object that is receiving the drawRect: message. If they are not one and the same, your code will fail. This is a common beginner mistake.

You are right. I did connect an outlet from the window controller to the NSView and then create a new one. I tried creating an accessor method for the array in the NSView but it didn’t work, and when i checked NSLog for the address of the NSView it shows 2 different addresses (I don’t know why it called the drawRect: twice; please explain how this window controller and NSView things work)

updated code

// Viewer Controller.h @interface ViewerController : NSWindowController { IBOutlet NSWindow *theWindow; IBOutlet DocumentViewer *theView; NSString *windowName; }

// Accessor Method


// Viewer Controller.m

// Document Viewer.h @interface DocumentViewer : NSView { NSMutableArray *arrayObject3D; }

// Document Viewer.m

here is the NSLog message:

2006-04-17 07:53:36.950 3D QuiXplorer[23279] Document Viewer Address from drawRect = <DocumentViewer: 0x61128e0> 2006-04-17 07:53:36.954 3D QuiXplorer[23279] Document Viewer Address from drawRect = <DocumentViewer: 0x61125f0>

thanks for the reply - JuliusJuarsa

Your drawRect: is called twice: once when the app starts and another time for each invocation of setNeedsDisplay: YES.

You have a very spotty understanding of the interoperation of the Cocoa classes you are trying to use. It appears you still are creating an extra instance of NSView somewhere in one of your controller classes, otherwise you wouldn’t get two different addresses in the NSLog you post above. Since I told you not to do that in my first reply, I can only conclude that you have somehow failed to understand the instructions I gave you. I recognize that English is perhaps not your primary language and I have tried to write as simply and plainly as I can; please read my advice again, and see if you cannot at least get rid of the extra instance of NSView that you seem to have in your app.

Furthermore, go back and read some of the advice YOU were given in ProblemLoadingNewNIB; I think you still have not absorbed some of that.

thanks for the reply. I have mananged to remove the second instance and now it only shows one same address. correct me if i’m wrong, from my understanding is when i create an instance of NSWIndowController it also create an instance of NSView after the initialization of the NSWindowController, so what i must do is to pass the array to the NSView before it display something right?

i managed to get it work thank for the tips, it took me 4-5 times reading to really understand it >.< .here is what i do i pass the array in the windowDidLoad: method and then call the NSView setNeedDisplay: it will display just i expected. since when I checked the NSLog the NSView instance is not available yet ^^

2006-04-18 07:19:42.175 3D QuiXplorer[24621] Document Viewer Address in windowWillLoad Method = (null) 2006-04-18 07:19:42.213 3D QuiXplorer[24621] Document Viewer Address in DocumentViewer = <DocumentViewer: 0x6112810> 2006-04-18 07:19:42.231 3D QuiXplorer[24621] DocumentViewer Address in windowDidLoad Method = <DocumentViewer: 0x6112810>

the second trick i use is make the array a GlobalVariable in the NSWindowController but i think it’s not a wise thing to do so i decided to go with the 1st trick. thanks again for the reply. anyway i did finish reading the CocoaProgrammingForMacOSX by AaronHillegas and it really boost my understanding about cocoa.