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I’m trying to accomplish the following: a uses opens a new document in a document-based application. as soon as the document is loaded it has to show a sheet asking for some initial preferences. When I call the [NSApp beginSheet:modalForWIndow:ModalDelegate:didEndSelector:contextInfo] method in the windowControllerDidLoadNib method of the document, the sheet gets created, but is detached from the window. then the window is put in front of the sheet.

I suppose i have to call the beginSheet method somewhere between windowControllerDidLoadNib and the final presentation to the user, but where? which method in my document must I override to time the sheet correctly?

Any thoughts?

Hmm, a hackish way would be to use performSelector:withObject:afterDelay: and maybe have a delay of a 1/10 of a second, then open the window after this delay.

If you need it to work across the board you’d use an NSTimer instead.

Wow, thanks for a lightning speed reaction, which also works like a charm. Reported this as a performance bug to the fruit company.

Actually, a delay of 0 will work fine…this means that the selector will fire about as soon as the program idles. –JediKnil

Only if by “idle” you mean when the current cycle of the run loop finishes.

A less-hackish way is to implement an “app controller” class and instantiate it in your MainMenu.nib.

Implement the following action in this controller

Connect the File->New menu item to this action. The action is the one you use to display the sheet. I sheet you not.

Ahh, I just sheet my pants.

That was a class dump.

Would this “openNewDocument” action also be called when the program is started from scratch, when an untitled document is opened?

You could always implement something like the following – also in the so-called app controller class