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Registering a URL handler with your application will allow it to respond to users clicking on a link that uses the registered protocol. For example, an web browser would register a URL handler for the “http”, or another example would be an application registering a custom protocol “myapp” which allows the application to handle any clicks on links using that protocol.


How it works:

Here is what you need to do to register your app for a custom URL scheme (for the example we will use a “myapp” scheme).

1) In your Info.plist, add a new entry for CFBundleURLTypes:

CFBundleURLTypes CFBundleURLName MyApp's URL CFBundleURLSchemes myapp

2) Somewhere in your application’s startup code (e.g. init), add this code:

In Mac OS X Tiger and later, you can call [[LSSetDefaultHandlerForURLScheme to register an app as the default handler for a protocol, as would be need for a common protocol such as http, or ftp.