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Is there a way to rename a mounted volume programatically?

The disktool command line utility has a ‘-n’ switch for renaming volumes … Perhaps a simple NSTask wrapper?

NSAppleScript would do the trick as well.

tell application “System Events” set (name of disk 1) to “Edward” end tell

… as long as you remember to catch and handle any errors …

I tried using disktool, and it works, but it sits open rather than quitting after it renames the disk… ???

Why must errors be caught for AppleScript? Its a removable flash drive… Just wondering?

Because if the rename doesn’t take place for whatever reason (and there can always be reasons - they’re users!), your app should reflect that rather than assuming everything’s okay. Good practice. ;-)

Ah! My app is nice like that, it goes and finds the volume after renaming it :) Luckily I have something to search by.

If you catch the error first, you won’t have the problem of your app finding a different volume that happened to be renamed at the same time, and thinking all went well.

No, no, my app looks for a specific device identified by a few folders and files. It’s removable media. Sort of like iPod.

Unfortunately you’re still not quite getting the point. ;-) This is evil. Sh** happens, especially out in the wild. Take my word for it. ;-) Best to handle errors properly.