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I just know this is gonna be a dumb question but:

I have a NSView subclass that I just want to show a menu when it receives a mouseDown: event, but I can’t find any way to just tell a NSMenu to show itself…

I’m using [NSMenu popUpContextMenu:[self menu] withEvent:theEvent forView:self] in my mouseDown, but that shows a contextual menu, with items added by CMM plugins, which I don’t want. I need to either get rid of those or just show a regular menu. Is there any way to do that?

This is for a NSStatusItem, but I need to use a view so I can support DragAndDrop.

To my knowledge, Cocoa actually doesn’t allow this since NSMenuView has been deprecated. However, MenuManager has functions for popping up regular menus at arbitrary locations.

I’ve gotten it working, more or less. The solution was to have my view contain a NSPopUpButtonCell, set the menu on that, and send it a performClickWithFrame:inView: message in my view’s mouseDown. The menu’s positioning is still wierd, but I suppose fiddling with the frame I pass to the cell might do something… Where are the MenuManager functions documented? Is it Carbon? Can I pass it a NSMenu?

MenuManager is the Carbon menu API. Its functions take a MenuRef, but there’s some UndocumentedGoodness on the NSMenu page that lets you get a MenuRef from an NSMenu.

In 10.3+, there’s NSStatusItem’s -popUpStatusItemMenu: for just this purpose. – Bo