Edit AllPages

The site is a MediaWiki site, which is something you may not be familiar with.

The first thing you need to know is that technically anyone can edit any page on this site. It’s as simple as clicking the [Edit] button in the navigation bar of the page.

Unless you’re contributing insights about how to use this site, please don’t edit this page, since other people may need this information. If you are new to this system and want to experiment, try editing the SandBox page in any way you want �you might add your name and the current date to the end of the SandBox to get a feel for how it works. Please don’t create test pages though, as they’ll probably hang around more or less forever. Page creation works as described on HowToCreateNewPages. When you create your first real page, you can always edit it, and you’re encouraged to contribute new and relevant content.

What’s to stop someone from coming along and deleting everything? Nothing, except your conscience, peer pressure, and occasional database back-ups. Please be nice. Further, this site now has version history on all of its pages (the History option at the top of any modified page), so if a page is trashed it can be recovered in short order.

After you’ve read HowToCreateNewPages, don’t forget to see our advice on HowToAskQuestions and AdvisingCocoaNewbies. If you create a new page by accident, list it on DeleteMe ��but again, please don’t make “testing” pages.

** Important Notes **

Now that you have the basics, here are some approaches to GettingTheMostOutOfCocoaDev.

Finally, enjoy!!!!!!