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I’m wondering where I should start using IDEKit?

In your apps? At home? At work? Look at the example project that comes with it? What are you asking?

What is IDEKit? Build your own RealBasic ?

It’s a fairly decent LGPL framework for writing a code editor (with a line number gutter, syntax coloring, etc) in Cocoa/GNUstep. []

IDEKit seems to be dead, and is no longer accessible at the link above. If someone has a copy, please mirror it somewhere (SourceForge?). —- Are there any alternatives to the IDEKit framework that provides SyntaxHighlighting without diving into all the coding procedures?

Theres UKSyntaxColoredTextDocument in ObjectLibraryViews. There’s a lot of sample code around, but that’s the only other one I know of that doesn’t require doing most of the work yourself. I’m thinking about working on a class to parse SubEthaEdit syntax definition files, but secretly hoping someone beats me to it. ;)

Take a look at HighlighterKit. It is relatively small and appears to do SyntaxHighlighting only.