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As announced at MacWorld 2007, the iPhone runs a stripped-down version of OS X, including CoreFoundation and many other familiar frameworks.

While there is currently no publicly-available SDK for the iPhone, SteveJobs has announced that Apple plans to have one available in February 2008. Until then, use the information in this section at your own risk, as it is liable to change at any time.


Warning! Installing third-party applications on your iPhone may violate the terms of your contract, void your warranty, or may even render your shiny and expensive new toy into a shiny but useless brick.

For more information about iPhone development:

* * [site is down] * * *

** Frameworks **

*AudioToolkit: audio utilities that are not part of CoreAudio, for making e.g. the tap sound *CelestialFramework: high-level audio interface *LayerKit: animation support *MusicLibraryFramework: interface to iPod database *PhotoLibrary: interface to iPod database *UIKit: top-level UI framework, similar to AppKit



The above is no longer true as Apple has released a NDA’d SDK: