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The iPhotoExporter plugin protocols dumped from class-dump can be quite confusing. Here’s some of the things I’ve uncovered while building exporter .

(how to get started building a plugin: )

ExportPluginProtocol methods

/* This method is called by the exportManager to update the export status sheet.

/* Passing YES in your exportProgress from -progress; causes the exportManager to

/* This method is called when the user clicks “Export” from the export settings pane.

/* This is called after the export status sheet is dropped. */

/* Called by clicking “cancel” on the export status sheet */

Anonymous Structs (add these to your ExportPluginProtocol.h)

typedef struct { unsigned long progressCount; //progressbar current unsigned long progressTotal; //progressbar total NSString* progressString; //progress message BOOL indeterminant; //progressbar type //locks the progress; will cause -lockProgress; (I don’t know what this is supposed to do) BOOL lockProgress; BOOL isDone; //YES will close the window } exportProgress;

— KelvinNishikawa –