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Anyone interested in use the channel #obj-c on undernet? I’ve got one of my machine sat there on it. Be a good place to bounce ideas around on.

Hey, I was wondering if there were any IRC channels for obj-c/cocoa help.


There are some mac programmers on #macdev on (formerly known as OpenProjects). They’re a pretty grouchy crew, but sometimes they’ll answer some cocoa questions.

I second there grouchyness! // Perhaps you mean “I second their grouchyness” - JosephSpiros (Psuedo-Grouchy) <–Perhaps you meant Pseudo-Grouchy

Grouchy? Only for cluelessness 8) Seriously tho, come into the channel with an attitude of wanting to learn, realize you need to do a little bit of legwork on your own and we’re a fountain of knowledge.

#macdev mostly has real, working programmers who earn a living from writing code … and students who aspire to be such. Everyone on there has real work to do, (well, usually - it is IRC) so they won’t hold your hand and give you free tutorials. Nor will they have much patience for extreme newbies who are asking how to do something obviously beyond their capabilities. (Hint - if you’re just learning C, and you don’t know what an array is and have never heard of object inheritance, it’s going to take you about a billion gazillion years to write a MMORPG.)

But if you’ve searched the web, read all the documentation you could find, and tried it yourself … and you still have problems, then someone on #macdev might be able to help.

It’s also a nice place to lurk and pick up tidbits of information.

You might also try the CocoaHotlineServer.