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I’m looking for information about writing device drivers to allow a third-party external device to be recognized as a mp3 player by iTunes. Does anyone know where I might find such information?

Obviously, Apple has control over iTunes and its development, and as we see from the lack of other third-party devices’ support of iTunes, there isn’t any easy way to get your other non-Apple player to show up in iTunes. Heck, Motorola and Cingular had to talk with Apple one-on-one to get the ROKR to work with iTunes. This isn’t going to be something that Apple will want to see happen. (It’s also not in their interest to do so, as it could change potential iPod sales).

Which is to say: there is no such documentation.

Why was this page marked for deletion? It’s a valid question with a valid answer, even if the answer is a resounding “no, you can’t do that”. If we deleted every question when it’s been answered, this would be a pretty useless wiki. We’re trying to *add information, remember? :-) Will the person who marked it for deletion please give the reason?*

There WAS a plugin sdk, someone used it to create iCommune. See I don’t know if it is still available though.

Doesn’t look like that SDK is available anymore. The only thing I can find is a visual SDK for visualizations.

There is an SDK, but you have to contact Apple to acquire it - it’s not just available for download.

Does that mean that Apple is going to want money for the right to use the SDK and tie into iTunes?


Well, contact them… Find out… Report back…