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In my application I’m using:

Which puts the nice little boxes around selected toolbar items (like in Panther prefs), when you do this:

[toolbar setSelectedItemIdentifier:@”General”];

The problem is, while I can do this to avoid running that on 10.2:

if ([toolbar respondsToSelector:@selector(setSelectedItemIdentifier:)]) { [toolbar setSelectedItemIdentifier:@”General”]; }

I don’t know how to avoid 10.2 seeing the method itself. Because of this, this class doesn’t work in Jaguar. Is there a way to do something like:

if ([toolbar respondsToSelector:@selector(setSelectedItemIdentifier:)]) { - (NSArray *)toolbarSelectableItemIdentifiers:(NSToolbar *)toolbar { return [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@”General”,@”Misc”,@”Updates”,@”Registration”,NSToolbarFlexibleSpaceItemIdentifier,nil]; } }

In the class? Obviously that won’t work, but something like it?


Thanks, GarrettMurray

I might just be being dense, but how does this method’s existence keep it from running in Jaguar? I’d think that the -toolbarSelectableItemIdentifiers: delegate method would just never get called in Jaguar. – Bo

Actually, you’re quite right Bo, and it was me who was being dense. I just responds-checked any sets and it’s running perfectly. Sorry about that. –GarrettMurray