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I’m trying to make some NSTextFields only accept numeric characters (they’re for float editing). Here’s the gotcha: I want unpressed keys to be passed to the nextResponder (we have menus that act on non-cmd-key combinations).

What I’ve done so far is to make a custom class derived from NSTextView and modified my window’s delegate like this:

static OTEFloatTextView *s_FloatTextView = nil;


So, basically, if Cocoa needs a field editor for an OTEProperFloatValueTextField, I return this class instead:

@implementation OTEFloatTextView : NSTextView

// filter keydownevents

} @end

This all works, BUT: when i remove a custom textfield that has keyboard focus (by calling removeFromSuperView on a parent view), the textfield sends out an update action (from textDidEndEditing through [[NSTextView resignFirstResponder). This is laying havoc to my code (as this is done during cleanup and I’ve already deleted the object that recieves the vlaue).

To work around this, I could use a static “AreWeDeleting” bool and supress that action, but that seems like such a hack - especially when the built-in NSTextView doesn’t do this.

Anyone got an idea on how to solve this?

Menu shortcuts operate in performKeyEquivalent: which fires long before this code, so I’m doubtful that you even need it. An NSFormatter ought to do just fine.

Nope - if I have focus on a text field and press a key used by a menu, the texfield gets (and uses) the keypress - which makes a lot of sense. So I’m still stuck

If the NSEvent doesn’t have the NSCommandKeyMask modifier, it doesn’t get passed to the menu first. You can do something like this:

Also, before you send -removeFromSuperview you should send -[NSWindow makeFirstResponder:] with a different view (or nil) to allow it to validate and end editing.