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I am searching for a very simple drawing program. I just need to alter a few pixels in some images or overlay one image on top of another etc. If anyone remembers Deluxe Paint or Personal Paint from the Amiga, then it’s something like that I am after (mostly the latter).

It would be nice if it could also load/save .icns files.

Any recommendations? Preferably something which is free as in beer! :)

Try Teal [] or the Gimp. Neither do .icns, but you already have IconComposer for that.

Thanks for the recommendations. I do know about Gimp, but I would think this is overkill – Teal unfortunately only imports PNG and JPEG.

To be specific, I have some small tiff files in 14x14, 15x15, 16x16 or similar. I need to crop/pad all of these, so that they get the same size, and I also need to alter a few pixels on one of them. It would probably take me less time to write a simple drawing program for that task, than to install The Gimp and figure out how to use it ;)

But I figured there had to be something in the line of PersonalPaint for OS X – i.e. I do not care about filters, layers and similar, but I do care very much about being able to manipulate every individual pixel, seeing it’s current RGB, modifying it using a zoom mode, and cropping images, knowing their exact size and being specific about what sizes the images should be saved in…

pixen [] is close to old school drawing programs. pixen is not Deluxe Paint or Personal Paint (which I really miss), but has the ability to work with transparency.

Thanks a lot! This did the job!