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Its pretty easy to setDataCell on an entire column in NSTableView but to add images as the table is updated, should you not create a cell and then add the cell using this method:

Obviously this doesn’t work or I wouldn’t be here….so how can I make it work? I am fairly sure that my cell is created correctly and the same with the [[NSImage in it.

I don’t know enough to tell you how to get an icon to display in an NSTableView (I’ve never done it, at least)– but I can tell you why the code above doesn’t work: you’re merely setting the aCell variable to the address of your icon within the scope of this method. E.g., outside of the method, aCell still points to whatever it originally pointed to. You’re probably going to have to somehow tell the cell to draw your icon, probably through [NSCell setImage: (NSImage *) image]

Better yet, set the cell for the column you’re interested in to an NSImageCell. –ShamylZakariya

Please look for the DragNDropOutlineView example in your developer/examples folder.