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Describe ImageInUrlString here.

In my roll-your-own Cocoa browser, I am trying to get the webView:didReceiveIcon:forFrame: method for the WebFrameLoadDelegate delegate to work. Here is the code I am using which is showing the ‘abc’ string in the url address bar but no image attachment. Am I mistaken in thinking that a favicon can be included in a text field in this manner or I am missing something here?

Here is the output from NSLog when I go to a page like Here the log shows the string ‘abc’ (which is showing up in the url address bar) but not the apple favicon that apparently accompanies it.

2007-02-01 13:25:05.677 Z Test[10997] urlString:

2007-02-01 13:25:06.405 Z Test[10997] icon : NSImage 0x373340 Size={16, 16} Reps=( NSBitmapImageRep 0x353b10 Size={16, 16} ColorSpace=NSCalibratedWhiteColorSpace BPS=8 BPP=16 Pixels=16x16 Alpha=YES Planar=NO Format=2 )

2007-02-01 13:25:06.428 Z Test[10997] stringer: abc {NSAttachment = <NSTextAttachment: 0x3e9830>; }

If anyone could give me a pointer on this, it would be most appreciated.

Thanks, Vince