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I want to use a NSStepper to increment or decrement a date, by day, that is in a NSTextField with a Date Formatter on it. Is this possible? Here’s the basic form i thought would work:

NSDate *date = [NSDate dateWithNaturalLanguageString:[dateField stringValue]];

if( 1 == [dateStepper intValue] ) // increment date elseif( -1 == [dateStepper intValue] ) // decrement date

[dateStepper setIntValue:0];

[dateField setObjectValue:date];

Convert your date to a NSCalendarDate using dateWithCalendarFormat:timeZone: and then use the dateByAddingYears:months:days:hours:minutes:seconds: method.

You may be tempted to use NSDate’s addTimeInterval: method. For your purposes avoid it. NSCalendarDate will deal with Summer Time Saving adjustments for free. – GCM

Yeah, i used addTimeInterval: before i posted here, and found it didnt work. but NSCalendarDate worked great. thanks.